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 Written by L.I. - Andrew has provided a very empathetic environment for me during our sessions. This allowed me to mindfully express my thoughts   and feelings, and come to authentic conclusions. His approach is very person-centric, as he paid thorough attention in order to understand my   specific situations and assist me in achieving a healthy mindset.I would definitely recommend Andrew as a therapist and will reach out to him in   case I need any further help in the future.

 Written by F.I. - I've found my sessions really useful in giving me a safe place to voice my thoughts. Andrew has encouraged me to be more   accepting  of my own needs and help me to see that my feelings are valid. This in turn has allowed me to express them better to others as needed.   I would certainly recommend him as I feel that I have been genuinely listened to and understood, and have received thoughtful responses that are   pertinent to me.

 Written by C.H. - Andrew has been fantastic, really taking the time to properly listen, reflect and inspire. I cannot recommend working with           Andrew enough!

 Written by M.A. - Can't stress enough how Andrew has helped me understand myself and learn how to love myself and be proud of who I am. He   listens and really empathizes with you in every session and helps you come to the answers, which you almost already know, but he helps you   identify them through developing a relationship and getting to know the person. If I ever feel I may need help again, I will without doubt reach out   to Andrew again.

 Written by A.N. - Andrew has really helped me talk through traumatic experiences. He allows space for me to talk and when he does respond it’s   always something thoughtful: kind and useful. Since we started I feel stronger and have gained a new perspective.

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